When choosing the Right Garden Fountain, you have options

We’ve already talked about how water features bring your landscaping to the next level.  Adding a water feature is a great way to transform an ordinary garden or landscape to a backyard oasis. One of the most versatile of water features is the garden fountain. Fountains come in a ton of styles and materials that can work with any design aesthetic.

A garden fountain can be formal and elegant or modern and sleek. They can be grand focal points in a courtyard or garden.  Or a wall-mounted or pondless fountain with a much smaller footprint, less maintenance and a smaller price tag.

In addition to the design of the garden fountain, there are different ways the water can flow.  With a tiered fountain, water cascades from tier to tier and into basin.  A larger fountainhead can dramatically spray water. The options are almost endless.

Here are a few examples of fountain types and how they can be incorporated into your personal landscape.

Wall Fountain
Wall Fountain

Wall Fountains

Small courtyards or patios can be enhanced by a hanging or freestanding wall fountain.  Water dances down the fountain creating a lovely sound and relaxing retreat.  These fountains look like a living piece of art, with variable water flow options and multiple design aesthetics from modern to traditional to choose from.

Self-Contained Fountains

The most popular fountain, self-contained fountains can be easily installed and are quite affordable.  A gentle splash or bubbling brook fountain is small, quiet and tranquil. They can be placed almost anywhere in a patio, deck or backyard as long as it’s a level surface.  They don’t require external piping and the water flow is usually able to be controlled so you can switch between bubble, churn, or splash.

Tiered Fountains

Tiered fountain in a formal rose garden
Tiered fountain in a formal rose garden

With sounds reminiscent of lapping waves,  a tiered fountain will give you cascading water with the beauty and history of one of the oldest type of fountains.  This doesn’t mean the look has to be traditional. Tiered fountains range from Mediterranean  with intricate carvings to zen modern designs with dramatic light elements. Tiered fountains should be built to match your existing landscaping, cement work and pavement so as to look like it’s been a part of your space for years.

Pondless Fountain

With the water reservoir underground, the pondless fountain is a great choice if you want minimal maintenance, less water expenditure and high safety ratings.  Sound and movement of water is added to your outdoor space, large or small, and recirculated water is used to keep work to a minimum.

No matter how much space or time you have, a garden fountain can be a great way to enhance the landscape and increase enjoyment in your backyard space.  Contact Halcyon today for a design consultation.

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