Our Story

Current Aquatics is a full-service aquarium installation, and maintenance company. We believe an aquarium should be a dramatic piece of living art. And this is what we strive to create with every system. Using great design, top-quality products, and the most efficient set-up, we create systems that look and function beautifully. Current Aquatics will not only create a showpiece for your home or office, but our professional service team can ensure your aquarium looks its best for years to come.

Our Process

Installing an aquarium is a financial and time investment for you and we take that seriously.  Before beginning a project, we will outline the process and timeline from design through installation. And we communicate with you throughout the project to ensure your needs and expectations are exceeded.

We use the latest technology and high-quality products along with mother nature’s own processes when creating your aquarium.  Whether Current Aquatics maintains your aquarium or if you do it yourself, your aquarium will need work to stay looking its best. Our experts design and install all the necessary systems and create ecosystems to make sure servicing your tank is as efficient as possible.

Once your tank is installed we make sure you have the knowledge and understanding to maintain your aquarium. We can also do the maintenance for you.

Service Area

Current Aquatics is a strictly mobile service company located in Southern New Jersey, in the Cherry Hill Area.