Looking after the aquarium and the fish in it can make children more conscious
about how their actions effect the things around them.

The Current Aquatics School Aquarium Project fosters stewardship, creativity, and curiosity in students in a fun hands-on environment.

It was created to be an exciting educational opportunity for students.  We encourage participation in every aspect of the aquarium from design to maintenance. And we customize the learning material based on the age of the students for maximum engagement. As if that’s not enough an aquarium will also add beauty to your school and reduce stress for on-lookers.

The School Aquarium Project goal is to fully immerse students in the entire process of bringing an aquarium into a school environment. We encourage students to participate in the design and maintenance of the aquarium — they even help choose the livestock and decor. We also provide educational material and easy hands-on instruction so the students can get excited to take an active role in their new aquarium. In fact, because we are so committed to making this program accessible to all kids, we offer options to purchase or lease with low monthly payments.

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  • Teaching tools like activity books, observation questions and more.
  • Variety of sizes available for classrooms or public areas
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Freshwater or Saltwater Aquarium styles
  • High quality livestock
  • Colorful aquascaping and decor